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10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July With Kids

It’s hard to believe the fourth of July is around the corner! This year has just flown by!! With COVID-19 cases spiking all over the country, we’re opting to celebrate the holiday 100% at home with only our immediate family. But safe at home doesn’t have to mean bored at home. And in these uncertain times, celebrating holidays is such an easy and fun way to add consistency and memories with your family. I’ve outlined 10 fun and easy ways to celebrate the 4th of July with kids, so you can make the holiday special too!

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July With Kids
Harper and I putting up some USA window clings in her bedrrom

1. Decorate the yard, kid’s room or playroom with American flag decor.

Aside from Christmas and fall decor, I’m not one of those that goes all out with seasonal decor over all the whole house. That being said, kids love it when they can see a theme or a holiday, so I do like to add little touches here and there.Some easy options:
— reusable mini American flags placed in pots on the porch or lined on a walkway
— American themed window clings
— flag banner placed over a mantel
— red, white and blue flowers either planted outside or cut and places in vases inside
— USA-themed reusable table cloth
— red, white and blue napkins and paper plates

A lot of times you can find super affordable options at your local dollar store, Walmart of Target (hello, dollar spot!), but I’ve linked some great options here too:


10 easy ways to celebrate the 4th of July With Kids | Life With Ashley T
We reuse our handheld American flags year round. This was our porch for Veteran’s Day one year!


2. Make some red, white and blue healthy snacks. 

Here are some fun and easy ways to get creative in the kitchen with your kids by making some healthy and festive snacks:

Red, White and Blue Yogurt Parfaits
Watermelon and Blueberry Bites
Firecracker Popsicles
4th of July Fruit Kabobs
American Flag Veggie Tray
American Flag Fruit Toast
Vegan Triple Berry Cheesecake

Firecracker Popsicle | 4th of July Healthy Snacks
Image provided by: https://www.frieddandelions.com/firecracker-popsicles/


3. Dress festively with red, white and blue! 

We always wear some iterations of red, white and blue on the 4th of July! Whether it’s a few ‘Merica items kept on hand to reuse year after year or just some things pulled from our closet, are you even American if you don’t do this?!  😆

A super easy way to do this is to wear either a red, white or blue top or dress and then add in a cute bandana, pair of earrings or bow in an opposite color to make it pop! Adding in glow sticks for after dark, festive necklaces or a pretty USA bow, will get you and your kids in the USA spirit!

Mommy and Me 4th of July Outfit | Life With Ashley T
Haper and I in our red, white and blue

Some fun USA-themed accessories that are so fun to wear (and reuse) each year:


Some cute women’s outfits to wear after the holiday too:


Some adorable girl’s red, white and blue outfits:



By the way, it’s SO fun to look back over the years on the “day of,” and the 4th of July is an easy one to remember. Check out this collage of the past five 4th of Julys with Harper. It’s so fun to see her grow over the years!

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July | Life With Ashley T


4. Buy some fireworks. 

Hitting up a local fireworks stands is a fun tradition to keep with your kids, even if you don’t go all out. We like to keep it simple and get some safe (and quiet) options, mainly for the sake of our pets and the wildlife we live near.

Some of our favorites are:

— Sparklers (ask for the extra long ones, perfect for little hands)
— Snakes (good for daytime)
— Snap poppers (good for daytime)

Last year, we did get a “safe and sound” package that was meant to be quiet and harmless, and it was not! Sure, compared to a pack of wildcats or something it was, but we’re going to pass on that option moving forward.


5. Do some 4th of July arts and crafts!

These are some fun ways to build those fine motor skills, keep the kids occupied and have a fun keepsake to remember the holiday by:

Tin Can Windsocks

Egg Carton Flag

Popsicle Stick Stars

Patriotic Sun Catcher

Fireworks in a Jar

Star Spangled Slime

Patriotic Hand Print


Star Spangled Slime craft and image provided by https://www.icanteachmychild.com/star-spangled-slime/


6. Theme homeschool around America.

We started the Home CEO Academy homeschool unit this year when COVID first started, and the first unit in the “Around the World” section was all about USA. They did such a good job covering everything that makes the USA unique while covering math, arts, literacy and science. I can’t recommend them enough if you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to integrate culture into your homeschooling!

The site Teachers Pay Teachers is one of my favorite resources to use if I’m wanting to focus on a certain theme or activity in our homeschool that is outside the normal curriculum. If you do a search for “USA” or “America,” you can filter by age, grade level and subject.


7. Read about Independence Day and American history. 

In conjunction with the Home CEO American unit, we also read about America. Since libraries were closed at the time, we pulled from our home library (thank God I am a book hoarder), and these have been some of our favorites:

Magic Tree House Books (so many take place in the USA, but 21-24 focus on American History)

America’s Flag Story

The Night Before the 4th of July

God Bless Our Country

What Is America?

Daniel’s First Firework 

I Spy: Fourth of July

The 50 States: Explore the USA


8. Have a cookout or picnic.

In true American tradition, have at least one (if not all) of your meals al fresco and enjoy a cookout! Hotdogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, watermelon and s’mores are usually part of our 4th of July menu. Yum!


9. Watch a USA-themed show or movie.

Whether you’re looking for reprieve from the July heat or avoiding a rainy day, these are some favorite kids shows or movies that are USA-themed:

American History for Kids: Amazon Prime 

This is America with Charlie Brown: Amazon Prime

The Sandlot: Amazon Prime

Angels in the Outfield: Amazon Prime


10. Stay up late and watch a fireworks show.

The magic of the 4th of July comes alive after dark, so we always try to plan for a mid-day nap for the little one and then stay up “late” to catch some fireworks. This year, all of our local “official” fireworks shows are canceled due to COVID, but we’re fortunate that our neighbors usually put on a fantastic show themselves. We’ll be wearing our red, white and blue glow sticks, lighting some sparklers and snacking on some s’mores while we watch the skies light up in celebration of our great nation.


Happy Independence Day!! How are you planning on celebrating this year? 


Ashley T
Ashley T

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