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10 Things I Love About Charleston, SC

I am celebrating my 10th year as a Charlestonian, which truly doesn’t even seem possible! Time sure flies when you’re having fun! I’m sharing 10 things I love about Charleston, SC in honor of my anniversary of moving to the Holy City!

Ashley T, Charleston Blogger, at White Point Gardens downtown Charleston Ashley T, Charleston Blogger, at White Point Gardens downtown Charleston

1. The history.

When I first moved to Charleston, to be frank, I didn’t care about the history of the city I just moved to. Having grown up in Colorado, there just wasn’t a big emphasis on southern history, and I had no idea the historical significance this area had. Whenever I had any visitors in town, I would always take them on various tours (by boat, by foot, by carriage). After a few tours under my belt, I was hooked. Charleston history is fascinating, and the more you learn, the more invested you become.


2. The food.

It’s impossible to not love the tastes of Charleston. With so much culinary talent in this town, the amount of delicious places to eat are everywhere! There are so many wonderful local restaurants to support that use fresh, local ingredients. Shrimp and grits, southern style biscuits, boiled peanuts, Carolina BBQ, pimento cheese, fresh peaches and fried okra are some of the “Charleston” food that first comes to mind.


3. The weather.

Aside from the brutally hot and humid June, July and August, the weather in Charleston can’t be beat! I love having pretty much year round warm weather, especially when we’re able to comfortably dine outside in November and December.

Even better is that it can snow in Charleston and every few years, it does!! The best part about Charleston snow is that it melts a few days after.

And truly, the silver lining to a very hot and humid summer is the amazing greenery and gardens we can grow! It feels like (and sounds like) we live in a rain forest, and that is so cool!


4. The people.

Charleston is often named one of the friendliest cities in the United States, and I can definitely see why. The people in Charleston are pleasant, happy, usually slightly buzzed and generally good people. Even having moved here from “off” 10 years ago, I instantly felt right at home thanks to the amazing people.


5. The culture.

Southern culture is one thing, but Charleston culture is a whole other. When you really get to know the history of the city, it’s fascinating, a little heart wrenching and chilling all at the same time. A lot has happened in this city, and the ancestors of those history-makers are here and sharing their culture.

Those of Gullah Geeche decent share so willingly their West African ancestral truth, and it’s amazing. From their cuisine to their sweetgrass baskets to their music and language, these ancestors of slaves are preserving their heritage while letting the rest of us experience it.

In addition, the music and arts scene in Charleston is great, especially for a small-ish city. There are events and things to do often and many of them surround art, fashion, music, theatre and


6. The things to do.

From the laid back beach towns to the vibrant night life in downtown Charleston, there’s something for everyone and every mood. The different parts of the tri-county area truly lend themself to so many options of what to do.

There are many festivals and events that are held in Charleston, and in the Spring and Summer, it seems like there’s a “big” something happening every weekend.

Aside from the special events, the local business scene is booming, and there are so many activities and things to do on just a regular day as well.

Let’s just say that it’s impossible to say there’s nothing to do in Charleston.


7. The scenery.

Charleston is breath-taking. It truly is. I often pinch myself that I get to live in such a gorgeous city. The peninsula of Charleston is full of the picturesque homes and architecture, while the islands offer majestic live oaks and salt marshes that have become a feeling of home for me. This video tour is one of my favorites.


8. The growth.

Charleston is changing, no doubt. And even though I miss the sleepy Southern town I originally fell in love with, this new and more modern version is pretty amazing too. I started my social media marketing agency when I first moved to Charleston, and if it wasn’t for the growth of the city, in particular the tech sector, it wouldn’t be a success. I’m grateful for smart evolution, and I’m excited to see what the next 10 years of innovation bring.


9. The tourists.

A strange thing to love perhaps, but I love that Charleston is consistently rated as a hot spot in the US and the world. Our tourists drive the local economy and bring in fresh energy as well. Plus being such a desirable place to visit lends itself to lots of friends and family visiting, which is always a good thing.


10. The charm.

Take a stroll down a cobblestone street or grab a cocktail on a Charleston single house piazza, and you’ll fall in love just as I have. There’s something captivating about Charleston no doubt.


Ashley T, Charleston Blogger, at White Point Gardens downtown Charleston Ashley T, Charleston Blogger, at White Point Gardens downtown Charleston | Southern Picnic Ashley T, Charleston Blogger, at White Point Gardens downtown Charleston | Southern Picnic Ashley T, Charleston Blogger, at White Point Gardens downtown Charleston | Southern Picnic Ashley T sitting on a downtown Charleston step Ashley T walking downtown Charleston with a sun hat and sunflowers Ashley Thiesen walking downtown Charleston Ashley T in White Point Gardens Downtown | Charleston Blogger Ashley T sitting with a red dress and sun hat in downtown Charleston SC


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Tell me: have you ever visited Charleston? What are some of your favorite things about our charming Holy City? 




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