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Baby’s first Christmas: is there anything more precious?! I remember my daughter’s first Christmas so vividly, and I swear I can still smell that sweet little Christmas baby. On a baby’s first Christmas, you don’t want to overdo to it (especially because they most certainly won’t remember it or know what’s going on), but you still want to have a few presents for them to open. This Gift Guide is an assembly of everything my daughter loved at this age!




  1. Exersaucer / Jumper: Such a fun way to let your baby explore new things: touching feet on the ground, bouncing and fun toys … Harper loved her exersaucer!
  2. Baby’s first music set: Get your little one making music with this adorable turtle percussion set.
  3. Egg rattlers: These double as adorable maracas and also “shhhh shhhh shhhh” sounds to help calm your baby too! Harper still loves hers!
  4. Music bench: What a fun way to explore musicality and build fine motor skills!
  5. Bath time pipes: Whether your babe loves the bath or is learning to tolerate it, these adjustable bath pipes are so fun!
  6. Baby book soft cover lot: 12 books in one! Can’t beat it! I love soft books for little babes, so they can do whatever they want with them and develop that early love of reading.
  7. Teddy Bear Crawling Toy: Having a sweet talking teddy bear crawl alongside you just makes it more fun! Ask Harper … she still LOVES her crawling tiger (similar to this) and won’t let me give it away. Hah!
  8. Shape Sorting Wooden Cube: This is one of those toys that definitely grows with the child into preschool years. The way they play with it will definitely evolve, but it’s perfect for a baby!
  9. Wooden Activity Cube: Activity centers like these are so wonderful for the baby’s imagination and to learn cause and effect.
  10. Play Gym Mat: Such a fun way to explore tummy time, rolling over and explorative play with toys, lights and music.
  11. Foot Finders and Wrist Rattlers: Babies love these little rattlers that help them explore their own body. This set is so sweet with black and white patterns (great for brain development) and the little toys on them also.
  12. The Wonderful Things You’ll Be Book: This book is just so friggin sweet. It really is everything you want your children to know and hear. We still read it weekly (Harper’s choice), and I’m sure it’ll be that way for years to come!
  13. Silicone Chew Beads and Pacifier Clip: If you have a paci baby, then this will be a life saver! Dropping the paci nonstop is just not an option (tell your sweet babe that – ha), and this not only lets you clip it to their outfit, but they can also safely chew on the beads for some teething relief.
  14. Stacking Rings: Such a classic toy and a good one! With many ways to explore and play, this is a gift your baby will love for years to come!
  15. Polar Bear Lovie: If your baby doesn’t already have the book The Night You Were Born, get it! Such a sweet, loving message and a fun tradition to read it on the night they were born (and lots of times in between). This polar bear lovie is sure to be your baby’s favorite.
  16. Monster Wubbanub Pacifier: Again, if your baby is a paci baby, they will LOVE Wubbanub pacifiers. The attached stuffed animal helps even newborns hold their own paci, plus they always have a friend! There are dozens of styles of Wubbanubs, but I thought the monster was just so sweet!
  17. Animal Bath Robe: Make bathtime all the more fun with these adorable (and soft) animal robes.
  18. Radio Flyer Walker: This classically adorable push wagon is such a sweet way to help your baby learn to pull up, walk and eventually push their own babies inside. I just love this classic style!
  19. Baby’s First Words Book Set: Another gift that will take your baby through the years. This book set is so wonderful for word association in the early years and can even stick around when your school aged child is learning to read!
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  1. November 26, 2019 / 6:01 pm

    These arE all Such amazing ideas!!

    • Ashley T
      November 26, 2019 / 7:17 pm

      Thanks, Michelle!! Harper would agree … she loved all of these so much!! 😀

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