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Allergy Relief: DIY Essential Oil Roller Recipe

Here in Charleston, it’s pollen season, which means our cars, yards and outdoor furniture are all covered in a yellow dusting, and . while the floral blooms are to die for, symptoms of allergies are in full force. Itchy eyes and runny noses are an unfortunate reality of life in South every Spring, but I have an all natural, easy to make at home recipe that helps our family deal with the yellow stuff.

Roller balls using essential oils are one of my favorite ways to bring my oils wherever I am. They are easier to make, easy to drop in your purse or work bag and totally customizable for whatever you need support in.

With this Allergy Relief Essential Oil Roller Recipe, you can wear throughout the day as needed. Rub it on your wrists, behind your ears and down the front of your throat.

What’s in the Allergy Relief Essential Oil Roller Recipe?

Lemon – anti-viral, antioxidant, energizing

Lavender – immunity, headaches, anti-bacterial

Peppermint – congestion, headache relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral

Copaiba – anti-inflammatory, digestion, sore throat, aches

Supplies you’ll need

Essential oils

Carrier oil

Roller balls

Allergy Relief Essential Oil Roller Recipe


  • 10 drops lemon essential oil
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 10 drops copaiba essential oil
  • carrier oil


  • Add all essential oils to a roller bottle.
  • Fill the roller bottle with carrier oil to the top.
  • Shake before use and get ready to roll!

Why choose Young Living?

Young Living is the only essential oil company that I will use. I trust them, and I can truly say that my natural lifestyle has been so much more supported with the use of their essential oils. They are the only company who own their own farm and carry the Seed to Seal process, meaning they control every single step and aspect of production. Like anything, knowing where ingredients come from is crucial, but so is the journey once the plants are grown.

Essential oils sold in grocery stores or off Amazon are aroma-grade or fragrance-grade, which means they’re not safe to apply topically and certainly not safe to ingest. They are filled with fillers, additives and synthetics, and you never know where all of that comes from.

If you want more info on these oils, just shoot me an email or sign up here. When you’re a Young Living member, you can buy your products at wholesale discount AND you can earn cash back too. It’s a super economical way to get quality oils that you can trust delivered right to your doorstep. Plus you’ll get to join an awesome VIP Facebook group that I’m in that has stepped up my oil game!!


Have you ever tried this blend to help with your allergies? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments!

Ashley T
Ashley T

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