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Being Unstoppable | How I “Do It All”

Being a working mom is hard. It really is. And being a mompreneur who’s responsible for herself, her family, her employees and her clients can be downright exhausting, terrifying and filled with all the highs and lows. #truth

I get a lot of questions about how I “do it all” and “manage everything,” and if I’m truly transparent here, I always chuckle at that question. A lot of times it feels like I’m missing the boat on “everything” so much. I have plenty of days where I am amazed that I kept my sweet little babe (who is now almost 4 years old) alive. End of story.

There eternally is and always will be (God willing) so much to do, and I don’t think I will have ever “done it all.”

That being said, how did I get where I am and how do I keep it all moving forward?

Simple answer: I don’t give up.

More complicated answer: I know there are highs and lows. Good years {quarters, months, weeks, days} and bad. The best in people and the worst. Hardships and blessings. Feast and famine. Opportunities and obstacles. Life happens, and no matter what, I don’t stop.

I have a vision for my life, my family, my daughter, my soul that is so crystal clear that I won’t let daily life get in my way. Is it difficult? Of course. Do I struggle? Um, yes. But in those dark moments where it seems all so impossible, I choose to focus on the best, most positive reality in that moment to do what needs to be done to get through it. And to get through it alive and thriving and living my best life. And to be honest, I get so much joy in the doing: knowing I’m actively working toward creating the life I want to live, that it’s all worth it. The struggle is SO worth the gain. Every time.

Oh, and I 100% don’t dwell on things I cannot change. OK, maybe 93% don’t dwell because I’m most definitely a work in progress. Not taking blame or responsibility for the actions of people you care about or the choices they make is a hard skill to learn, just as much as accepting what has happened cannot be changed.

But if it is in my scope of things I can change, I’m on it. And if I have a goal in mind or something I want (or needs to happen), I’m going to work until it does. Keyword: WORK.

When Vionic Shoes reached out to build a partnership, I was intrigued at their campaign concept of being unstoppable, thanks to comfort. All hail the angel bells.  If ya’ll know me, you know I only wear comfortable shoes. Truly. Ain’t nobody got time for blisters, cramps, aches and pains when you’re tackling the world and taking names. Sign. Me. Up.

And let me tell you! Wearing this sassy pair of Blaire Heeled Sandals was absolutely a walk in the park. I can keep the pace with anyone I’m with (you ladies know what I’m talking about), walk on Charleston cobblestones and survive and THRIVE! These shoes are so comfortable!! I am definitely not letting my footwear stop me: I’m unstoppable.


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Links are affiliate links, and I receive a small commission if you order from them, which helps support my blog. My Vionic Shoes were gifted in exchange for social media posts. All opinions are and forever will be my own!


Tell me: what makes you unstoppable in your everyday life?


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