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Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers

Easter is my 4 year old daughter’s favorite holiday, and she asks year round, “When is Easter going to be here?!” When some blogger friends and I decided to share our Easter basket ideas for preschoolers, I knew this would be fun and hopefully would provide some inspiration for you too.

Even though we’re under a “Stay at Home” order due to COVID-19, not much will change as far as our day to day celebrations. We usually have an egg hunt first thing, open Easter baskets and then spend the day outside enjoying some Spring meals. This year will be much of the same, but the prep will be more challenging. Since we can’t (and shouldn’t) freely go into stores, all of my suggestions are available to purchase online (and may include affiliate links, which is no additional cost to you).

Sign for Easter Egg Hunt

A few things to note:

— I am a practical gift giver always, but especially for “extra” holidays like Easter or Valentine’s Day. Anything they need (think socks, underwear, clothes, water bottles, helmets, books, school supplies, etc) makes it into the basket.
— I don’t include a lot of Easter themed things in the basket itself unless it will be played with year round. I gift and bring out Easter books and crafts in the weeks leading to Easter, so we can talk about them. That being said, we don’t put away everything Easter the day after, and we often extend holidays as long as we want!
— We aren’t a candy family. We don’t do a lot of sweets in general and try not to make holidays about treats. This is the first year I’m including some candy items in her Easter basket, and the things we’re giving will probably last all year. You could very easily omit any candy at all OR add more if that’s your thing.


Easter Basket Options:

This is my daughter’s 4th Easter, and I have used each Easter to buy a basket that was needed either for egg collecting or toy storage. I’m alllllll about reusing what we have now that we have a good collection. And feel free to get creative with the “basket.” You could use a toy storage bin, an upside down umbrella, a Caboodle or craft carrier or even an outdoor kiddie pool to house the other gifts.


1. Plastic Easter tub: This is the same plastic bin we’re using two years in a row now for Easter baskets. They come in 3 different sizes and are very affordable. After Easter, we use it for Beanie Baby storage, but it could be used for outside toy storage too.

2. Decorative storage bin: If you’re needing to do some organizing, get one of these cloth bins and use it for an Easter basket. They’re cute, functional and they’ll always remind your child of the Easter bunny.

3. Colored Wicker Basket: If your child doesn’t have a basket with a handle to use for egg collecting, get them one and use it for their main Easter basket. I like this one because it’s sturdy and the handle is lower, so a toddler or preschooler could carry it easier.

4. Shopping Cart: If your little one is into shopping or cooking, this grocery cart will be a perfect addition! My daughter loves her cart when she’s going “grocery shopping” to cook in her kitchen. You could theme the whole basket with play food or kitchen supplies.

5. Bunny Basket: This basket is just darling, they’ll be sure to play with it year round.

6. Caboodle: Open the Caboodle and display the other items open-faced. They can use the Caboodle for toy storage year round! And if you have tweens or teens, this is a great option to fill it with makeup and beauty essentials. For younger kids, this is a great way to store art or craft supplies.

7. Umbrella: April showers bring May flowers! Theme your Easter basket with all things Spring: rain boots, rain coat, some fun books or even a Wellie Wisher doll (they wear rain boots!).

8. A kiddie pool: Doing a backyard pool this Spring and Summer? Use this as an opportunity to fill it with all the things your kiddo needs: swimsuit, coverup, sun hat, sunglasses, towel, sunscreen, beach ball, floatie toys, sprinkler head or even some water beads.

The Filler:

I’m majorly against unnecessary plastic use, so we always use paper fillers. The plastic grass looks like real grass to birds, fish, etc. and when it eventually ends up in our waterways or outside, they’ll eat it, and it will kill them. Instead opt for paper grass or tissue paper and help save our planet!


Our Easter Basket This Year:

Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers | Life With Ashley T Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers | Life With Ashley T

This is what I’m putting in my daughter’s Easter basket this year. A little practical, a little fun:

1.  The basket:

2. Unicorn doll:

3. Find Your Light Notebook:

4. Stackable Crayons:

5. Neon Glitter Markers:

6. Unicorn Sticker Book:

7. Razor Pop Star Lighted Scooter:

8. Pearl Clips:

9. Rainbow Swimsuit:

10. Swim Coverup:

11. Rose Gold Sandals:

12. Butterfly Floppy Hat:

13. Dark Chocolate Organic Peanut Butter Cups:

14. Organic Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms:

15. Organic Dark Chocolate Bar:


Other Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers:

Since we’re all safe at home, it’s more important than ever to keep our kids active and outdoors. These are some fun Easter gift ideas that you might be needing to buy anyway:

Garden Set

Beach Set


Slip and Slide

Water Sit n Spin




Water Table


More Inspiration:

Looking for some more ideas? Some of my blogging pals also shared their baskets. Check out some other Easter basket ideas for preschoolers and toddlers here:

Lexi from Glitter Inc.

Mandy from Mama Society

Kalyn from Style Her Strong




No matter how you celebrate this year or what the Easter bunny brings, I wish you all a safe and Happy Easter. May you spend it at home, with the ones you love the most. 


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