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How to Store Fresh Basil

This summer, we’ve been blessed with both a plentiful crop of basil from our at-home herb garden AND several bundles from our weekly local CSA delivery. With so much crop, I’ve been playing with different ways to store fresh basil so I can use it throughout the week. Fresh basil, while so delicious in so many dishes, is notorious for being hard to keep fresh. The leaves easily wilt and turn brown, making it inedible in a day or two. After lots of trial and error, I’ve found out how to store fresh basil so it will stay fresh and vibrant.


The Best Option to Store Fresh Basil:

This is the best, most efficient option for storing fresh basil. While not the most beautiful option aesthetically, it works!

How: Trim the tips of the basil stems with scissors and place them in a jar or glass of fresh water, just like you would a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you can, try to keep the leaves out of the water. For an extra boost in longevity, place 1-2 drops of tea tree oil in the water. This prevents the water from molding, and you might get a few extra days!

If your home is kept very cool or if this option doesn’t seem to work for you, you can cover the jar and leaves with a plastic bag, which will keep the moisture in. Basil thrives in warmer temps, so room temperature or warmer is ideal. Refrigeration will turn the leaves black.

When you’re ready to use some basil, so can tear or clip off some fresh basil leaves.

Fresh basil in a glass of water


If you’re looking for high quality essential oils, I can’t recommend Young Loving brand enough. You can order your Tea Tree oil directly from Young Living here.


How do you store your basil? And what are some of your favorite recipes to make with fresh basil? 

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