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Meet LipSense: My Magic Lipstick

I talk a lot. For work, for fun, around people and truthfully when I’m alone too. 😆 I also eat and drink and kiss my daughter probably dozens of times in any given day. But I also like to wear lipstick. Bright, bold colors look best on me, and I LOVE rocking a statement lip.

What’s a girl to do when literally all of the things I do all day long involve my lips … and traditional lipstick rubs off on everything. We’ve likely all been there: when you grab a bite of your burger and there’s lipstick all over your bun. Or when you are sipping out of your coffee cup and you can definitely tell which one is yours. Or you kiss your love hello, and it’s unsure if he’s chose to wear lipstick also.


Meet LipSense, a truly a magical lipstick that doesn’t kiss off, smudge off, wear off, wipe off … until you want it to. Talk about a confidence booster.

LipSense lasts 4-18 hours and is not a stain!! It actually helps keep your lips moisturized and healthy and does NOT dry out your lips.

It’s sold only through distributors like me, and we have a policy in place that we cannot sell our products on sites like Amazon, Wish, etc. So if you’ve purchased LipSense or other SeneGence products through anyone other than an active distributor, there’s a strong chance that you’re not really using LipSense. Eek!

To get started using LipSense, you’ll need a three-part system called the Starter Collection. This includes a LipSense color of your choosing, a moisturizing gloss and an Ooops remover. All first timers should start with Glossy Gloss in your Starter Collection for maximum moisture, but we have lots of other glosses you can use to seal in your LipSense color.

LipSense is applied in three thin layers and then sealed with the gloss. If you make a mistake, your Ooops Remover will be your best friend to help you fix it, and when you’re ready to take off your LipSense, you can use Ooops for that too.

This is not your traditional lipstick, and there is a very specific way to apply your LipSense, which I go over in this video below:


Because the LipSense color doesn’t transfer to your gloss, you can use many LipSense colors with your one gloss. I have Glossy Glosses everywhere because you MUST USE THE GLOSS to keep your LipSense on and to keep your lips moisturized. I have one at my office, on my nightstand, at my makeup vanity, in every purse and work bag, in my car, in my partner’s car, in my daughter’s snack bag, in my jacket pockets.

We have over 50 LipSense colors in our regular, permanent line and lots of limited edition colors that are released also. You can browse all the colors I have in stock here:

If you’d like custom help or would like me to create a color profile for you, shoot me an email or fill out the form below.

LipSense is our WOW product because there’s truly nothing else like it on the market. But SeneGence, our parent company who makes LipSense, has a full line of anti-aging, life-changing products, and I can’t wait to share more details about them.

This magic lipstick changed my life in more ways than one, and I can’t wait to see what it does for you.


Ashley T
Ashley T

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