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Weekend Roundup | Volume 2

This is part of my Behind the Scenes series, outlining what I do each weekend. To browse others, visit the Weekend Roundup section! 

Whew! What a weekend!! Between catching a nasty cold and helping my mom recover from knee replacement surgery, this weekend was not so much fun. But I’m happy to share the highs … and the lows … because, well, that’s life!

What I Did: 

Family Photos

We scheduled our annual family photos well in advance of this weekend, but it crept up on us! We had a couple of conflicts with our original location and timing, so we last minute decided to do the photoshoot Friday after school and work. And right as the cold front was moving in. 😆

Our three born and raised Carolina girls took it like a champ, while Blaine (who is from upstate NY) and I (a Colorado native) FROZE. Haha! We always joke about how living in South Carolina for 20 and 10 years, respectively, has turned us into pansies because we can’t handle the cold like we used to.

But it was a fun shoot, and we can’t wait to share the professional pictures from our photographer. We shot in Hampton Park in Downtown Charleston, which is a frequently visited spot for us!



If you’re interested in what us ladies wore, shop our outfits here (Blaine’s isn’t integrated with Reward Style):


Mom’s Knee Surgery

My mama had her knee replaced, which has been a long overdue procedure. Despite how “easy” and “simple” and “routine” everyone made this sound, it is intense!! My mom has been basically immobile, which is a drastic different from her usual routine. Poor thing!

But she’s taken it like a champ, is already up on her feet and is doing very well overall. I spent the weekend at the hospital with her, helping her at her home and running some errands to ensure she has what she needs.

That being said, these are the must-haves for anyone getting their knee (or maybe hip) replaced … and things I definitely recommend getting shipped ahead of time for convenience:

Walker | Elevated Knee Pillow | Shower Chair | Shower head extender | Toilet seat elevated riser | Grabber tool | Ice packs | Medicine Organizer | Ring Doorbell


What I Bought

Harper and I had a few hours to kill Sunday morning while my mom was getting some rest, so we did her winter wardrobe shopping at Target!! She has really shot up and grown so much this past year, and is now in a size 5. It’s the last year shopping in the toddler section, which gives me all the feels. #bittersweet

But here’s what we picked out:

Toddler Dresses:


Toddler Shoes for Fall:


Toddler Jackets:


Toddler Pants:


Toddler Tops:


What I Ate:

I developed a full blown cold, which was brutal! I followed basically everything in my Flu & Cold Natural Remedies list and am recovering nicely! Since I was on the go a lot and not in my own kitchen, the Whole Foods and Target power shots from the juice section were life savers! I always look for ginger, wheatgrass or garlic to help kill the funk.



Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! What was something fun you did?




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Ashley T

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