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Weekend Roundup | Volume 3

This is part of my Behind the Scenes series, outlining what I do each weekend. To browse others, visit the Weekend Roundup section! 


Ahhh, the weekend. This weekend felt like a little slice of heaven compared to the ever-busy work week! Q4 is always intense at my digital marketing agency, and this year is no exception. But this weekend … this weekend was low key and just what we needed.

What We Did:

Beach Walk & Dinner Out:

Blaine and I picked up Harper from preschool Friday afternoon and headed to Folly Beach for a beach walk. Surprisingly, this is our first beach walk this fall, and it was glorious. The temperature was just right, there was hardly anyone there and we got to see a beautiful sunset.


Harper gathered so many beach treasures (she’s a big collector), and it’s always so sweet to see what she finds and what she decides to keep.

Afterward, we enjoyed a tasty dinner at Edison on James Island. Edison is such a great neighborhood restaurant that offers healthy, flavorful food in a relaxed but nice atmosphere. We can’t recommend it enough!

Frozen II:

Saturday morning, we went to see Frozen II. Being that it was opening weekend, we were a little nervous about the possible crowds of other fanatic four-year-olds, so we booked our seats ahead using Fandango. Easy peasy!

Let me just say: I am OBSESSED. So much so that I think I enjoyed it more than Harper. It was so so so good, and let me just say that I really appreciate the direction Disney is taking their screenwriting. Friendship, sisterhood, facing fears, grief, facing the truth, standing up for what is right no matter how hard it is, masculinity and emotions: I’m here for it!


Screen-Free Sunday:

Aside from the Broncos and Bills football game (let’s not talk about it), we spent a screen-free Sunday, mostly outdoors. Lots of books, cooking, nature collecting, games of tag, yard work, and crafts. These days are just so precious to me, as I really do feel like I’m watching Harper grow up right before our eyes.


Poshmark Refresh:

I listed a few items on my Poshmark closet, so if you’re interested in shopping some gently used (and often NWT or NWOT) items, be sure to check it out and follow me! I have so many more great things to add and hope to do so in the coming weeks!

What We Watched:

Blaine and I watched Instant Family one night and loved it!! I’m a big Mark Wallberg fan, and he was great in this. I have such a soft spot for those who foster and adopt, and this movie shed some light on what it’s like for both the kids and the families. Go watch it! And if you have Amazon Prime, it’s free on their video platform!



What We Read:

Preschool Book Picks:

Harper and I read 5 books every night like clock work, but we don’t always read approximately 50 books each day too (not exaggerating). We were on a roll this weekend, and it was so nice to snuggle up by the fire and revisit some of our favorites.

We regularly hit up the library for a literary refresh, but we have tons of books of our own that are in regular rotation. These are some of our favorites right now:

I Am Life | Llama Llama Holiday Drama | The Very Hungry Caterpillar | The Very Lonely Firefly | P. Zonka Lays An Egg | Grandma’s Tiny House | All The Wonderful Things You Will Be | We’re Going on A Leaf Hunt


Romance / Drama Fiction Picks:

I started listening to Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us a few days ago, but I binge-listened and finished this weekend. It is SO good.

I love a good romantic thriller, and this didn’t disappoint. Without spoiling too much, my favorite thing about this book was the portrayal of domestic violence and the often complicated web that can trap a victim. One of the last lines was something along the lines of: “Shouldn’t there be more distaste in our mouths for the abusers than for those who continue to love the abusers?” So powerful.


What I Wore:

All the Cozies:

If I get the chance to be comfy and cozy, you better believe I will take it! The best part of laid back weekends is just that! I wear this pink cowl neck sweatshirt all the time because it’s so comfy but so beautiful too.


These are some of my cozy fall / winter wardrobe pieces I wore this weekend:



Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! What was something fun you did?

Ashley T
Ashley T

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