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What I Wore: Charleston Fashion Week Event No. 1

Charleston Fashion Week is one of my favorite events in Charleston, and the first event of the season did not disappoint. Unlike previous years when it’s a 5 day blitz of intense fashion fun, they’ve staggered the events throughout the year, with each one featuring something a little different.

And of course, figuring out what to wear is always half the fun!! And in this new format, we get to wear different styles and seasons, which I LOVE!! For this first event, I knew I wanted to wear something springy and bright, so I was super excited to watch this outfit come together.

The white late dress is an Amazon find and is so cute on its own but I paired it with this baby pink blazer from Marks & Spencer, and layered this staple J Crew necklace. And of course jumped at the opportunity to wear my sparkly glitter boots from Whitaker.

The first event of the season was held at The Cedar Room, and the Charleston Fashion Week team transformed it into an interactive event with pop up shops, amazing entertainment and progressive fashion features. It was high energy yet laid back and the perfect mix of local favorites with progressive up and comers. I loved it!

My agency The Modern Connection is the official social media partner for Charleston Fashion Week, and this is a fun group shot with us all. I’ve got an amazing team, and it was so fun to get to spend some time outside of the office with everyone.


Personally, I am all for this style and evolution of Charleston Fashion Week. Not only can I likely attend all of them without feeling like I need to hook myself up to a Vitamin IV and take a day of rest at the end of the week, but I can experience the influence of different seasons, mingle with people I’ve not met before AND not have to freeze my booty off outdoors in the very unpredictable spring weather in Charleston. All for it!


Shop My Outfit:


White lace dress from Amazon (order a size up … it’s SHORT!)

Similar pink blazers at different price points:


Similar glitter boots also since my Whitaker pair are sold out:



JCrew Factory Outlet necklace that I wear all the time:

Up next: Event No. 2 on June 14 at Memminger Auditorium. And I’m already planning what to wear. Will I see you there?



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