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Why I Chose All White Bedding | At Home

This is part of my At Home series, highlighting parts of my home in Charleston, SC, both inside and out. You can find the growing series here! This is a sponsored post thanks to Red Land Cotton – be sure to check them out!

All white cotton bedding from Redland Cotton

For many many years, I shied away from owning bed white linens at home. I loved them when I traveled and admired them in magazines …. but me?! In my bedroom?! Could I keep them clean?!

I made the jump a few months ago, and I am so stinking glad I did!! Here’s why I love my white bed linens and why you should consider getting them too:


  1. You’ll sleep better. No, really. You will! When I travel (unless I missed my luck and the beds suck), crawling into a crisp white bed is one of my favorite things … so why wouldn’t you want that at home? All white feels like luxury, which naturally promotes calmness.
  2. It makes the room feel less cluttered. I love the minimalistic look, well minimalistic with nice decor. Your bed is the centerpiece of the room and having an all white bed really simplifies the space.
  3. It easy to match. It doesn’t matter if you redesign your decor every season or keep it classic and timeless year round, it always matches. Want to decorate seasonly? Simply change your accent pillows and throws … and voila!
  4. It’s easy to clean. You can wash your white linens on super high temps (and use bleach or stain treatments) if needed and you don’t need to worry about it changing the color of your sheets.
  5. It brightens a dark room. If your bedroom is small or missing a lot of natural light, all white bedding really brightens up the space!

Ashley Thiesen on all white bed holding a book | Life With Ashley T

[Sponsored by Red Land Cotton] My all white bedding is from Red Land Cotton, and I am amazed at the quality! I researched this company heavily, and not only did I love their brand story (a family farm with the cutest father / daughter as the faces of the company), but they’re the ONLY 100% made in the USA cotton farm. From farm to shelf, they’re 100% made in the USA!! How cool is that?!

White cotton quilt from Red Land Cotton with cotton springs and basket of greenery

Another thing I loved about Red Land Cotton is the quality. There is a big difference in their sheets and bedding vs. something you’d get at a big box store. Red Land Cotton’s linens are modeled after 1920s designs, and you can tell. They feel like luxury, and there’s something really magical about having high quality linens in your own home.

All White Bedding with Pops of Blue and Coral | Minimalist Master Bedroom

All white bedding from Red Land Cotton | blue indigo dye pillows | minimalist bedroom | Life With Ashley T


Photos are by Leigh Hayward Photography 

All room decor details are in my Master Bedroom Tour post, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a classic blue and white bedroom ideas.

Are you sold on all white yet? 🙂 Let me know if you currently love your white bedding or if you’re headed that way yourself! 

Ashley T
Ashley T

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